The SILK Method™

Tao Studio teaches balance in mindfulnesss through dynamic principles covering business, ayurvedic studies, yoga, pilates, and ballroom dancing. Get a glimpse of our philosophy and start your journey to success.


Power that is created gracefully respects the universal laws to create leverage.


Gain awareness of your surroundings and diversify your skills. Absorb ancient wisdom and latest innovations.


Give nourishment and sensuality in all you do. Honor family as you embrace the flow of life.


Give to your surroundings and teach those around you to deepen your own understanding.

Schedule an Introduction

Each class is semi-private where you receive hands-on training with a master coach. These classes are part of a larger curriculum where we train international performers in the arts and career-oriented movement coaches.

Academic Courses

Our curriculum is semester-based for students seeking Degrees in Mindfulness and Fine Arts.

Our Founders

Matao & Sunshine designed the philosophy of our program in Santa Barbara, California over a 5-year period. You will learn a combination of teachings from both of these mindfulness gurus in our program.

Digital Library

Stay up to date with our studio. We are community based and you are always welcome to get involved. Feel free to ask!