The Harmony of Tao

Tao Studio teaches balance in mind, body, and soul through our combination of yoga, pilates, and ballroom dancing. Get a glimpse of our philosophy and start your journey to success.


We teach a unique approach to pranayama which eliminates illness and increases vitality.


We align our core and our chakras to balance athleticism and those seeking spiritual awakening.


Movement is an art. Learn to create harmony with the body in motion.


Power that is created gracefully is the secret to a peaceful warrior.


Embrace your surroundings and teach those around you to solidify your understanding.


Master the light and empty yourself by giving completely to others & the world.

Semi-Private Lessons

Each class is semi-private where you receive hands-on training with a master coach. These classes are part of a larger curriculum where we train international performers in the arts and career-oriented movement coaches.

Programs at Tao Studio

Start your journey into awakening the self. These series will creater a strong & enlightened self practice.

Our Founders

Matao & Sunshine designed the philosophy of our program in Santa Barbara, California over a 5-year period. You will learn a combination of teachings from both of these health gurus in our program.

Latest News

Stay up to date with our studio. We are community based and you are always welcome to get involved. Feel free to ask!